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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Dog Group: Hound dog breeds

Origin of Name: The dogs became popular in England due to their slower pace; hunters were able to keep up with them on foot. The dogs had superior stamina in the field, with excellent noses. The breed is more popular in England working in packs, and is still rare in the USA. The Harrier was recognized by the AKC in 1885


A bit low

Monthly keeping cost







Tendency to Bark:

Very High

Life span: 10 to 12 years

Availability: Rare

About Harrier
The Harrier looks like a smaller version of the English Foxhound and a larger version of the Beagle. Harriers must have all the attributes of a scenting pack hound, including a keen sense of smell and a good nature. They are friendly, gentle, and responsive, making them charming family companions.

The first pack of Harriers in England was the Penistone, which was established by Sir Elias Midhope in 1260. There were several Harrier packs in the US through the early years of the 20th Century. George S. Patton, who was at the time a Colonel, was Master of the Cobbler Harriers from 1936 to 1938.

From 1940 to 1958, no Harriers were registered with the AKC, although some were registered with the Masters of Foxhounds Association of America. As in England, most Harriers in the U.S. have historically belonged to hunting packs and aren’t registered with the AKC.

A few Harriers started being shown in AKC shows in the early 1960s. In 1965, Breezewood Chop Chop became the second AKC Champion after a gap of 30 years.

Visits to Groomer-Low



Tolerance to heat- Basks in it

Tolerance to cold-Loves snow

Exercise Requirement-Lots

Under Coat-No

Colour-Black, tan and white

Coat Type-Glossy,hard

Hair Length-Short

Hair Density-Dense

Harriers are generally healthy, but like all breeds, they’re prone to certain health conditions. Not all Harriers will get any or all of these diseases, but it’s important to be aware of them if you’re considering this breed.

Hip Dysplasia

Elbow Dysplasia

Ear Infections

Eyes Problem


Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus



Retinal atrophy

Harriers are active, friendly, and stubborn. Harriers love to be in their pack of dogs or in their pack of humans. They can be independent and should be trained early .Harriers never bite or snap. They are gentle and affectionate, and good with children. They have great stamina, love to hunt, and tend to wander.

Training & Intelligence
A Harriers is quite intelligent and remembers the scents very well. Training a Harriers can a be a little difficult task as they are extremely stubborn in nature. If you are getting a Basset Hound puppy, early training will be advisable. Crate training and obedience training will be required to house train the puppy.

Litter Size- 10 to 12 puppies (approximately)

Complication in Breeding-No

Harriers are a healthy and sturdy breed . Generally a dog takes around 18 months to reach his or her full height and structure. It is advisable to breed your dogs after at least two years of age. If you are a first timer at breeding then taking a vets help.

Harrier Profile


Very Friendly
Loves Humans


Not easy to train
Intelligent Breed

Litter Size


Easy to groom
Minimum grooming required


Perfect family pet

Veterinarian Visits


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