The Scientific Reason You Should Stop Buying Gifts For Humans And Shop For Your Dog

Table of Contents 

.  Introduction 

. Why you should buy gifts for your dog? 

. Can you expect a return gift? 

. Experiments proving the facts! 

.  Experiment 1  

.   Experiment 2 

.   Conclusion 

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Almost all the dog owners consider their pets as a part of their family. So when some special occasions – like holidays, birthdays, parties come around, a lot of people include their furry friends in the celebrations by giving gift to them along with their family members.  

Our Dogs Loves to be the part of Everything We Do! So according to researchers our dog gets excited too when we have holidays and celebrations. They know something is up, and most of the things we do they also want to be the part of it.  

Every Dog lover feels special while buying gifts for their four-legged-furballs as it is an act of caring and love and as its in our DNA too to nurture those who are close to us. Sometimes nothing makes us happier than seeing our dog happily wagging his tail while getting a new toy. Even science is now supporting the fact that you should shop for your dog instead of shopping for humans. 

Why you should buy gifts for your dog? 

In many researches, it has been found out that those owners who spent money on their dogs reported feeling happier than those who spent money on themselves. As buying gifts for their dogs makes them happier than buying gifts for someone else. Keeping in mind that we have friends, places, and work to do but our dog only have us. So, as being their only true friend its our major responsibility to keep them happy. 

We give gifts out of love and care. And nothing makes us happier than seeing our dog wagging his tail in happiness while playing with his new toy. It has been found out that some people enjoy giving gifts to their dogs more than their co-workers. And this time even science has pet owners backed with proofs and data proving all this to be normal. 

Can you expect a return gift? 

So, here the main thing is that when you buy gifts for your four-legged-furball, what will you get in return or should you expect a return gift from them? You buy gifts for your dogs out of love and care and you will get more love from their side when you give their new gifts in form of new toys, treats and many more.  

Your pet’s mood instantly gets uplifted while seeing a new toy, treats and many more and your mood gets uplifted too by having a pet at your side and seeing your pet happy makes you happy too. I think as dog owners we will never payback to our dogs (the amount of love and care they give to us). 

Almost all people love to spend money on themselves and who else doesn’t like to buy things for themselves and this makes them happy too. But if you ask a dog lover “What’s the most loved thing of your life?’’ then we guess you already know the answer if you truly a dog lover. 

Experiments proving the facts! 

Many experiments have been conducted on this subject, and dog owners have always responded amazingly. Below are some of them you must take a look if you are curious to find scientific reasons behind gifting your dogs. 

Experiment 1 -> 

To test the idea research team conducted first experiment. In this ‘’159 pet owners’’ were randomly asked to recall the time spent on one of three possible targets- on themselves, their pets or another person. The amount of money considered for the experiment was (around $5). 

When recalling spending on themselves, they typically remembered buying snacks, drinks, sweets for themselves. When recalling the instance where they have spent money on their pet’s they remembered buying them new toys, treats or clothes for them. When recalling spending money on other people they remembered buying them small gifts, presents, food items for them. 

Just after that, they recalled their spending behaviour and it has been found out by researchers that people feel happiest while recalling spending money on their dog. 

Experiment 2 -> 

Researchers conducted second experiment in the same field so that they will get the clear vision on this field. In total of 188 pet owners were recruited for this experiment. Each was provided an envelope containing $5 and specific instructions. They were instructed to spend money either on themselves, their pets or someone else before 7 p.m. Then they have to fill the survey emailed to them after they finished the spending task. 

Whey the filled out the survey, again it has been predicted out by researchers that those who spent money on their pets reported feeling happier than those who spent money on themselves or someone else.  

Research team also found out that the gifts they purchased to their pets when they gifted to them reported more happier than those who give gifts to someone else or buy gifts for themselves. 

Final Thoughts 

Based on the experiments, it has been found out that you will gain a little increment in your happiness by spending some money to buy your dog a new toy or a treat. 


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