How to Make Your Dog Smart?

Every one of us wants our dog to be smart. At times, dog owners are astonished by their dog’s smartness. With time, they realize that their dog is smart enough to learn the lesson soon. The truth is an early training session with consistency. A bit of dedication and effort may work wonders.

Ways to Make Your Dog Smarter

It will help make your dog way smarter; than you expect. Training sessions help your dog acclimatize himself to his surroundings. It also boosts mental and physical well-being. You can provide him with some dog training classes to develop social skills. Below are some guidelines to improve their intelligence.

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Create a foundation training

You can initially provide your pup few training sessions for obedience. But do not stop after this initial session. It’s an old saying that you cannot train your aged dog to new tricks, and it’s not 100 percent accurate.

According to various research, it is observable that the more you train them, the smarter they develop.

Sniffing session

It’s time to build their smelling ability. You can get a sniff Diggy matt for your dog to play with it. It will help develop some essential skills. It’s an advanced version of the shell game. Give them some treats. In this way, you should grab their attention towards the matt.

Three bowls are placed upside down on the floor. One of them consists of their favorite treat. Rotate the bowl. Allow him to find the exact bowl that consists of the treat. Unaware of the trick, they try to sniff out the treat.

Use of puzzle

If your dog is not attracted to a toy, try to purchase a puzzle to keep it engaged. There are several such puzzles on online and offline shops where you can purchase them. Such games help your dog judge the reason and effects of flipping knobs and sliding disks.

As usual, the significant goal is to find the hidden treat inside the puzzle they should grab. With the help of this puzzle, your dog learns new strategies and tricks. It’s better to leave it with this puzzle when you are not at home. It may occupy his lonely time.

Agility test

You can prepare an agility test kit on your own with the help of household materials such as a small table, pillow, chair, etc. It will be beneficial for their health and their intelligence growth. The more obstacles they meet, the more they are eager to concentrate.

But, they should be obedient and capable of completing the task and reaching for a treat. When habituated to the tricks, they modify them to develop their intelligence.

Developing IQ

Another good tool in the online shop is a treat ball of IQ for developing your dog’s brain. It will help them in their physical and mental development. A ball consists of kibble that you may toss around the room.

As the ball gradually roll-on the ground, the kibble will come out of it, and the dog starts getting the treat from it. When the dogs get habituated to the game, they make it tougher by decreasing the opening size of the ball.

Hide and Seek

Before this session, you should train your dog to command prompts. Tell him to sit, and you hide. After that, tell him to find you. As soon as he finds you, give him some treat to encourage him.

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