Can Dogs Sense Natural Disaster is coming?

Some pets, such as cats and dogs, appear to have the weird ability to predict future natural catastrophes. The question is, is it true? Pet owners will agree that dogs possess several superior abilities, which is not surprising.

Some are incredible sniffers, whereas others can hear the ruffle of a goody bag from even a mile away. Some pets even seem to sense their owners’ moods. However, a strange ability has puzzled people for generations. Dogs can predict future natural catastrophes.

Many natural catastrophes stories come out of predictive dogs that have been identified beforehand and even alerted people of an impending disaster. Even the most sensible person wonders what the explanation behind it is.

Table of Contents

  • The proof of the Sixth Sense  in dogs
  • Things you need to watch for
  • The History of Dogs and their Senses 
  • Signs Your Dog is Predicting a Natural Disaster 
  • Training Your Dog
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The proof of the Sixth Sense  in dogs

Many people may rubbish all of this as nonsense. However, they will be forced to agree when their dog cautions the family of an impending earthquake or predicts a hurricane. Others are lucky enough to have realized this ability for foresight.

Here is the case of author Cal Orey, whose pets have proven their unique abilities to predict earthquakes. In her book, “The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes,” she writes that we can never stop natural disasters. But what we can do is trust our furry friends for predictions of catastrophes and try to be prepared for them.

In the beginning, just like other people, she was skeptical. However, after all of her research, she finally believed that one ultimately learns to familiarize with the warnings of natural disasters and get geared before the worst happens.

Can Dogs Sense Natural Disasters

Things you need to watch for

Before a natural catastrophe occurs, such as a tsunami, volcanic eruption, major hurricane, or earthquake, many pets tend to show some restlessness. Dogs tend to increase their protective contact with the human friends they are most loyal to just before a natural calamity.

The History of Dogs and their Senses 

For several decades, recorded examples of dogs recognizing first when a natural calamity would strike stand as proof of their ability to sense the unseen. Thus, it is true that the animals in that region act differently when something unnatural is about to happen, such as a tornado, earthquake, hurricane, or volcanic eruption.

Take the case of several eyewitness accounts that conform to the signals our predictive pets may provide. Kelly Sumerel of Danville, Alabama, on April 27, 2011, noticed her dog behaving peculiarly. She stated that her dog appeared to be freaked out by something, and it was strange that she constantly whined and would not be still.

A few hours later, a devastating tornado tore through the community, grazing buildings to the ground and changing lives forever. The U.S. Geological Survey also admitted that animals are more likely to identify earthquakes than humans because of their ability to feel the P wave seconds before the arrival of S waves.

It is exciting to imagine that your pet dog has a sixth sense, but is there some certainty to such a notion? Do dogs have the ability to sense an impending natural disaster? It is somewhat true. Dogs have an increased version of all our senses and less of a sixth sense.

Hence, it provides them with the extra power to warn others, which humans lack. Their acute senses of hearing, sniffing, seeing, and tasting allow them to realize that something has changed in the air, shifted in the wind, or smells unusual.

It signals that something huge is about to come. It is a complex process, but the fact is that dogs naturally can sense a natural calamity much before we can.

dogs sense natural disaster

Signs Your Dog is Predicting a Natural Disaster 

When it comes to doggies and how they express themselves to make you know that something is about to happen, they are inclined to display signs of restlessness. If you find your dog sniffing or hearing something not usual in the air, likely, they are not going to stay calm easily.

Your dog will be restless and anxious and find it difficult to settle down. You can expect a lot of barking, jumping up, whining, howling, and even panting and pacing. It is also possible that your little pup will significantly increase its protective temperament.

Dogs may not completely comprehend what’s happening when this kind of sense occurs, but they are sure that something different is coming. Owing to a dog’s loyal and protective nature, dogs are expected to increase their protective contact.

Keeping that in mind, if you notice that your restless dog is having a tough time leaving you alone, is trying to come close to you, or is continuously trying to lick or sniff, something might be up. These are some of the body language cues your dog might give you to indicate a natural disaster.

Alert barking, panting, ears dropping, howling, pacing, tail up, sniffing, and other signs indicate the above. However, it would be best if you watched out for more, such as bolting, running away, excessive sniffing, or licking.

Training Your Dog

It is difficult to train your dog or pup to sense a natural calamity and tell you what is about to happen. However, you can train it to react in a definite way to communicate signs better.

For example, some people train their puppies to ring a doorbell when they want to go outside. Similarly, if it feels peculiar or senses something uncanny, you can train your doggo with a similar signal.

You can contact an organization that provides specific training for pups and dogs to get help. With the assistance of a trained professional, you can teach your dog to steadily focus on some elements and pick up on changes in the wind, weather, or other minor details.

It would be best to find out how your dog is trying to alert you to the changes. You will have to recognize what the reactions are for.

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