5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Stray Dogs?

Take a walk down the road, and you will see stray dogs wagging their tail. If you have a treat or bread in hand, they will come down wagging their talks and shower you with all the love they have. These are random stray dogs who trust humans to feed them and shelter them.

Yet, they are the only animals on the planet who will run to humans for help if they sense any danger. Once you take a good look into their eyes, you will understand the struggles they go through every single day.

Stray dogs, we call them society dogs, are often misunderstood due to their rugged appearance, rough coat, and territorial attitude. But when you compare them with purebred dog breeds, they can survive through the harshest conditions and still be around you.

You can always go ahead and buy a dog, but adopting a stray dog could be the next best thing you can do for yourself, the dog, and the world around you.

Table of Contents

  • Here are some amazing reasons to adopt stray dogs
    • 1. Loyalty
    • 2. They are intelligent
    • 3. Strong immune system
    • 4. You become a lifesaver
    • 5. Cost-effectiveness
  • Conclusion
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Here are some amazing reasons to adopt stray dogs

1. Loyalty

Stray dogs or street dogs are known for their territorial attitude. What you don’t know is that they are extremely loyal. If you feed them, they are going to be loyal and friendly to you for life. They form an instant bond and will put their life on the line for you.


When you adopt them, you are giving them a new life. They will forever be thankful for your kindness and love. You will earn a true friend.

2. They are intelligent

Many studies have shown that stray dogs are highly perceptive and intelligent than other dog breeds. They can perceive and understand human gestures easily and do not require rigorous training.

They are intelligent

These dogs develop intelligence to get by all the harsh struggles of living on the street. They are used to being around people and understand their gestures quickly.

3. Strong immune system

Street dogs or stray dogs have a robust immune system as compared to other dog breeds. As these are often mixed breeds, they are not vulnerable to breed-specific or inherited diseases. Seldom do you have to worry about their health or take them to the vet?

Strong immune system

Due to their strong immune system, you can feed them different kinds of foods, even home-cooked meals with rice and milk that many dog breeds cannot digest easily, and you can save a lot of expenses on dog food.

4. You become a lifesaver

You become a lifesaver

By giving shelter to a stray dog, you become a lifesaver. More often than not, these dogs end up being roadkill or abused on the streets. By adopting them, you give them hope and a way of life they will thank you for the rest of their life.

5. Cost-effectiveness

Yes, you save a lot of money on monthly maintenance, grooming, vet consults, dog food, and more. Furthermore, the purebred dogs sold by the breeders are costly. Why would you spend so much for the love and loyalty of a creature that you can get for free?


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