Dog Stolen During Auto Theft Is Reunited with Owner

A dog that disappeared during a car theft is now safe. The ordeal started late Tuesday night outside a CVS on Peachtree Road in Buckhead.

Trey Specht said he parked his car in the lot, his dog Ronnie still inside, and someone jumped into his Mercedes E-350 and drove off with the 18-month-old English bulldog in the car.

“I literally ran inside. Grabbed two things off the shelf and came right back out really quick,” Specht said. He looked around. His car and his dog were nowhere in sight. “I have parked right there no car, no Ronnie.”

Someone stole his car. His dog was. “I just felt extremely helpless. I didn’t know what to do.”

Specht tracked his car through his app. “At that point, I realized my car was getting on the interstate,” he said.

Specht says police told him they found his car on the 18 block of Anderson Avenue Northwest near Joseph E. Boone Boulevard. “When they found the car wrecked, the dog wasn’t in it.”

Specht canvasses Buckhead, posting flyers and looking for his missing best friend. “He’s Ronnie. He’s my support system. When I’m not a work, wherever I go, Ronnie’s with me.”

Late Wednesday night, around Joseph E. Boone, a Good Samaritan found Ronnie. She called Specht.

Now, the man and his best friend are reunited. Unfortunately, whoever stole the car is still on the run.

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