Seattle Firefighters Rescued Over 100 Dogs from A Fire at Dog Daycare

SEATTLE — Wednesday, a dryer fire at a Seattle dog daycare facility put more than 100 dogs in danger, but firefighters cleared the building just after noon.

Four dogs were taken to a veterinary hospital after the fire broke out inside the facility’s dryer room around 11 a.m., said Seattle Fire Department spokesperson David Cuerpo.

Cuerpo said firefighters reported no fatalities inside the building, and staff members and animal-control officers worked on accounting for all 115 dogs in the facility early Wednesday afternoon.

“The first thing they lack in smoke inhalation is oxygen, so for them to be prepared like that helped with the outcome for patients. I thought that was very impressive. There were multiple people from everywhere. The fire department, ambulances, that all chipped in to make sure that happened quickly was the best thing for them,” said April Panpipat, Hospital Director at Animal Center of Seattle.

It was a community step to help rescue, secure, and transport the dogs from inside the facility. Initially, people driving by, local businesses, and a box truck stepped in to help with the dogs.

Seattle’s animal control stepped in to help. The agency used its trucks and King County Metro buses to take 75 dogs to board facilities.

“This is definitely the largest scale fire that we’ve been on as far as a number of animals,” said Don Baxter, field services manager with Seattle Animal Shelter.

At least some of the dogs will be taken to BowWow Fun Towne to be reunited with their owners. Unfortunately, only some of the dogs have been transported.

BowWow Fun Towne’s owner was at the fire scene with a van to help transport the dogs.

The Seattle Animal Shelter also sent animal control officers to help transport dogs to another facility. Some dogs were reunited at the scene of the fire with their owners. Those who could not be picked up instantly were taken to BowWow Fun Towne.

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